Are you trying to decide on the best time of year to visit Las Vegas? If the weather is one of your main concerns then you came to the right place.

Las Vegas is warm, an arid climate, with an average of 294 days of sunny weather every year. Most of those days are full, wall to wall sunshine but you can expect some cloud cover. Humidity? It’s not bad, averaging around 22% and most days are breezy, even the hottest ones.

The average temperature is around 66.3°F or 19°C but check out the average highs and lows on a month-by-month basis:


High 58°F / 14°C

Low 39°F / 4°C


High 61°F / 16°C

Low 41°F / 5°C


High 71°F / 22°C

Low 49°F / 9°C


High 77°F / 25°C

Low 55°F / 13°C


High 91°F / 32°C

Low 66°F / 19°C


High 100°F / 38°C

Low 74°F / 23°C


High 105°F / 41°C

Low 81°F / 27°C


High 102°F / 39°C

Low 78°F / 26°C


High 95°F / 35°C

Low 71°F / 22°C


High 82°F / 28°C

Low 59°F / 15°C


High 66°F / 19°C

Low 46°F / 8°C


High 57°F / 14°C

Low 39°F / 4°C

We get some fabulous temperatures here, folks! Even in the winter it stays reasonably warm.

But it’s not all about the weather, is it?

What about clothing? What should you wear?

The number one question we get asked is this:

What do I need to pack for my trip to Las Vegas?

Vegas doesn’t have a dress code as such. The most important thing is that you dress comfortably. The climate is desert-like and that means long hot days and cooler nights. If you are planning to hit the Casinos (why else would you come to Vegas?) then be aware that most are air-conditioned and are set to 60°F / 15°C during the summer so dress accordingly. Most people visitors and locals alike, dress casually and the Casinos don’t have a dress code – so long as you are wearing a shirt and shoes.

What about winter?

If you visit Las Vegas over the winter months, make sure to bring long pants, a jacket and sweaters, as the weather is noticeably cooler.

And the Summer?

In the summer months, the commonest form of dress is casual t-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes/trainers – and don’t forget your swimsuit! The restaurants and shows may have cress codes although this will differ from one to another – pack at least one set of dress clothes, just be sure, and do check before you visit a restaurant or show what their dress code is.

The most important item of clothing? Comfortable shoes – there’s a lot of ground to cover over all those Casinos!

Fun Fact

Nevada is a Spanish word that literally translates to “snow-covered”. It is, in fact, the driest US state, seeing an average of just 7-inches of rainfall per year.