The Las Vegas Deuce Bus

When it comes to buses, the best cities of the world doesn’t have anything on Las Vegas. Operated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), The Deuce is the double decker public bus line serving the city.

The double decker bus system is reminiscent of the iconic double decker red buses in London and is one of the most affordable forms of transport for visitors.

The convenient buses are heated and air conditioned and will provide you with a reliable way to get up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Apart from the convenience, The Deuce will let you enjoy spectacular views of the City while traveling to your destinations, especially if you get a seat on the top level.

The 40 foot long buses can seat 80 passengers, 27 people on the lower deck and 53 on the upper deck.

The Deuce buses run up and down the Las Vegas Strip, 24 hours a day and stops at most of the resorts, casinos and attractions between Mandalay Bay and downtown.

These buses are great for large groups or if you want to go casino hopping, since they are safe and provides comprehensive coverage of the Strip.

The Bus stops are easy to spot and are marked by signs of the RTC Transit logo or by bus shelters — just look for the blue, white and gold. Most of the bus stops have shelters to protect you from the elements and are located about quarter mile apart in each direction of the Vegas Strip.

Due to the affordability and reliable service provided by the Deuce, the buses are very popular among visitors and locals alike.

This means based on the time you are traveling, you may not get a seat on the first bus you see. But there’s no need to worry, because the buses run about every 15 minutes, so your wait won’t be long before another one pulls up.

The Deuce Route

Deuce Schedule

Deuce Schedule

Fares and tickets

The fare along The Strip is relatively cheap and is about $8 for a one day pass, which can be used as many times as you want in that period.

There is a two-hour pass which is about $6, but if you are using the Deuce for sight-seeing purposes, you should get the multi-day, all-access pass that provides unlimited rides.

The All Access pass is valid for three days and will let you hop-on and off the bus when and wherever you like for the flat rate of about $20. Special pricing is available for children, the disabled and the elderly on the Deuce.

Tickets are available at select stops or can be purchased on the bus. However, if you choose to pay on the bus, make sure you have exact change. The Deuce pass can be used on other RTC buses as well and transfers are free.

A Final Word

Las Vegas offers a variety of reliable transport services for you to explore the city. One of which is the popular Deuce Buses, which is a convenient, reliable and affordable way to get around. These buses run 24 hours a day up and down the Strip.

And in a city where the temptation to party hardy is basically a given, you won’t have to worry about how to reach home or get to your next hotel. Plus the day pass of $8 is superb, try getting that offer from a Cabbie when bar, casino or club hopping?

Since the buses make multiple stops along the way, you can experience the mystery of the Lake of Dreams at Wynn; go on the Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides; explore the Forum Shops At Caesars; grab a few drinks at the Bourbon Room; or dance the night away at one of the many nightclubs like XS. The buses also makes stops at the Town Square Mall and Las Vegas Discount Mall.

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