Absinthe at Caesars Palace

Absinthe at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is a critically acclaimed show unlike any other on the Strip.

Adored by audiences and critics alike, Absinthe is one of the wildest and most popular circus-style adults-only shows in Las Vegas. The spectacular show combines old world burlesque with a variety of specialty acts and outrageous comedy.

About The Show

Held inside the large old world European style Carnival tent called the Spiegeltent, the surreal “acro-cabaret variety show” is adjacent to the beer garden at the front of the hotel. The Spiegeltent is over 100 years old and from the outside it doesn’t look like much, but don’t let this fool you.

Inside the walls are beautifully decorated with kitschy artifacts, colorful stained-cut glass, signs, art and over 3,428 mirrors. There is also a tiny stage at the center of the tent with seating all around it.
Absinthe is hosted by the crude and provocative character The Gazillionaire, along with his rowdy assistant, Penny Pibbets.

Absinthe3 - The Gazillionaire and Penny

The Gazillionaire and Penny

The show delivers amazing acts and dirty comedy fun mixed with the extraordinary old world burlesque audiences you love.

The Gazillionaire is a sleazy salesman in a bad suit, with bad pointy glittery shoes, bad teeth and an exaggerated version of his manhood. While his assistant Penny, performs a sock puppet routine.

Absinthe is adult labeled not because of the amount of flesh that is on display during the show, which would be PG rated, but for the audio part of the performance.

Unlike most other variety shows in Las Vegas, Absinthe is equal parts cabaret, a midway sideshow and a circus. The show incorporates a saucy cast of slick professionals that is blended fantastically with the carnival and spectacle, which features intense, off-the-wall acts on the small, circular stage.

Designed to truly transport you in the middle of the circus action, the show’s characters evoke thrills as they perform impressive acts of precision, balance, virtuosity, strength, and danger within mere feet of you.

Absinthe Circus Acts

Absinthe Circus Acts

So you can get up close and personal with the eccentric characters, including tight rope walkers, the Green Fairy, who sings and does a burlesque-style striptease; a roller skating team, and aerialists, who will leave you stunned as they perform a exhilarating mix of burlesque, acrobatics, and dangerous stunts.

While the performers are skilled and execute wonders on the small stage, without fail the show includes some participation from the audience.

Dirty Humor

Half the attraction of the Abstinthe show is the people on stage making politically incorrect jokes about all kinds of inappropriate subjects.


After the show’s crew is through making fun of the world, they will focus their humor on the audience. If you are planning to watch the show, expect raunchy and lots of dirty jokes as the host comments on the performers and audience’s physical attributes and vulnerabilities.

So don’t worry, you won’t be the only one offended as they will touch all subjects and members of the audience equally.

Absinthe’s Acrobatics

Another unique feature of the show is the performances that the talented and athletic men and women put on. Abstinthe’s aerial and acrobatic performances are separated by repartee, craziness and other gimmick hosted by the ringmaster and his silly female assistant.

Among the unique rotating acts are a limber lady on ropes, quartet of tubby aerialists, a trio of extremely focused low-wire funambulists, an acrobat balancing on a tower of chairs, a chanteuse who sings and strips while surrounded by four guys in drag and two musclemen with excellent equilibrium.

You will also have all sorts of performances to keep you entertained from start to finish.
Additionally, throughout the show Penny and The Gazillionaire will joke around, creating uninterrupted comedy before introducing the next act that will take the stage.

Show Times for Absinthe Las Vegas

All performances are 90 minutes long and the schedule is as follows:

Date Time

  • Monday No Show
  • Tuesday No Show
  • Wednesday 8pm & 10pm
  • Thursday 8pm & 10pm
  • Friday 8pm & 10pm
  • Saturday 8pm & 10pm
  • Sunday 8pm & 10pm

Food & Drink

Absinthe offers a dinner and ticket option that provides you with dinner at one of the restaurants at Caesars Palace before the show. You can drink and order beverages freely from the areas at the back of the tent during the show.

After the show ends, you can head to Caesar’s Palace beer garden or indulge in an unforgettable dining experience at one of the hotel’s many restaurants.

A Final Word

Absinthe is Las Vegas entertainment at its crudest.

This unique show is recommended for anyone who wants to experience a wild world filled with amazing acts of strength, musical buoyancy and loud applause. Just like the drink which has a legacy as a mysterious, addictive and mind-altering drink, you are guaranteed to get a few surprises along the way.

If you want a show that incorporates jokes, and insults, with Cirque Du Soleil, a Carnival atmosphere and a traveling circus, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you might just want to order a double when it comes to Absinthe.

Sit back and watch the spectacular burlesque circus act that is sure to keep you captivated and thoroughly amused throughout. After which, you can take advantage of all the attractions and facilities of Caesars Palace and the surrounding area, including the restaurants, casinos, luxury shopping and the exciting nightlife.

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